Sneaky Cards

There was a reason to celebrate with Adventure #2, Parker had a birthday!

The days leading up to his birthday, I had been trying to figure out the best idea for a gift. It’s not everyday your husband turns 21. My mom and I decided to check out Target. That’s always a go to. We were walking down isle after isle until we came across playing cards and board games.
I thought, THIS IS IT! I’m going to get Parker a couple of games for his birthday. A challenge Parker and I face often, is that we have no 2 player games! If this has been a challenge for you too, prepare to be amazed.

I have found the coolest “1 player or more”game out there. It’s called “Sneaky Cards” by Gamewright.

sneaky cardsThe packaging is just as intense as the game. You literally get to be a ninja. HA just kidding. So basically its an interactive scavenger hunt. There are about 55 cards total, categorized into 5 different missions. The first card we completed was under the “care” mission, as shown in the picture. It might be hard to read so I’ll write what it says, “Give a gift to someone for no reason. Give the last item on this list to somebody along with this card. Before giving it to them, add another item to the list.” The item written on the card was a candy bar. So Parker and I bought a Hershey’s bar and gave it to the cashier at Target. He was so suprised it was awesome to witness his reaction. Now that he has the card, he has to do the same; give someone a gift for no reason.

This game could take up to months to complete. But it is so much fun! Parker and I like to leave the game in our car so that potentially everywhere we go could turn into a scavenger hunt.

If you decide to join us on adventure #2, send us videos or pictures of you playing the game. Here is our email: We’ll add your pictures to our blog!

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