Agritopia Garden

Adventure #3 was inspired by Instagram and a little too much pizza for dinner.

Parker and I visited Agritopia Community Garden. It sounds like a place from a fairy tale AND it looks that way too. Seriously… AZ good job. I’m impressed.

agritopia2We got there at around 6:30 and stayed until 7 pm. We walked around a bit, took pictures and read some of the signs they had out to label the plants. One of which, was a pomegranate tree! I may or may not have been tempted to take one. I know you are probably thinking, why in the world would walking around outside be a fun thing in the summer Sadie? BUT I promise it really wasn’t that bad outside.  6:30-7 pm is the prime time to go. We were there in time to watch the sunset (Awh, so romantic. Can you tell we’re newly weds? haha). The lighting was perfect for picture taking which is always a plus. Also, it was really green. I understand it’s a garden so it’s suppose to be green, but even then, its green-ness is pretty mind blowing. It was a good escape from desert landscaping.


Honestly, I really enjoyed our time visiting Agritopia (still sounds like a fairy tale). It was a nice break from school work. There’s just something about gardens, sunsets, dirt trails and a husband, that distresses life a little bit.

If you decide to join us on Adventure #3, send us your pictures at our email address: We’d love to add your pictures to our blog!

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