Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch

We’re putting the bad rumors to rest; Surprisingly there ARE fun things to do in Tucson. We found the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch! 

Parker and I had heard from one of my uncles that the Ostrich Ranch was one of the coolest yet cheapest places to visit in Tuscon. It was ONLY $7 dollars a person! You start off with two big cups. One is full with food to feed the donkeys, goats, and ostriches; along with a stick full of seeds for the parakeets. In the other cup is a token (this will later get you food for the ducks) and nectar to feed the lorakeets. Then you’re all ready to go! Follow the park around and feed all the animals.

1 st- The donkeys! It felt so weird to have the donkeys actually eat out of my hand! Despite their freaky teeth, they don’t bite, their lips just pick up the food from your hands. So no worries haha. Parker took a pretty funny shot of me trying to feed one.


2-The Parakeets! They’re kept in a cage and you feed them by putting a stick through the cage and then they nibble off the seeds that are attached to it. This was one of my favorite parts because the parakeets are so colorful!


3-The Deers! I felt safest feeding the deers….haha


4- The Goats! I never realized but goats are sooo weird! The sign said put the a piece of food near the goats mouth and watch them say “please give me food.” They don’t literally say “please give me food.” Goats don’t talk unfortunately. BUT they quiver their lips! It’s the funniest thing to see!

5-The Ostriches! Ostriches have super tall necks! Be careful. They like to surprise people and reach their heads over the fence.


5-Some more Goats! but alot cuter and smaller than the first goats.

6-The ducks! Okay, this part freaked me out the most! You’re suppose to put the coin in the slot and then in return you get some food to feed the ducks. You put the food in your hand and then cup your hand, making an “O” shape. The ducks then place their beak right in your hand! Yes the big orange beak is in your hand. Crazy! Parker loved it but I chickened out and just let them eat the food out of my cup instead.


7-The Lorakeets! This was the whole reason we were interested in going to the farm in the first place. You walk into a big bird cage. Keep your hand outstretched while holding tightly to the plastic cup full of nectar. Don’t bother taking the lid off, the birds do that for you 🙂 They love the nectar and they also like my hair. I had two Lorakeets on my head and three on my arm. It was a cool experience. We enjoyed it so much we got a refill on the nectar.

Next time you’re in Tucson and have no idea what to do out there, check out the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Farm!

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