Vertuccio Farms

October is a special month for us Arizonans. Its the start of cooler weather. Even though this year it is warmer than usual, it’s NOT 120 degrees anymore. Lets celebrate people! I would  recommend starting your fall festivities at Vertuccio Farms.

*Just a heads up, their awesome corn maze ends November 6th so take advantage while you can! Look how huge it is! It’s definitely worth checking out.

Corn Maze & Fall Festival – 2016

On Friday night we spent the night at Vertuccio Farms with our friends, the Weights. One of our favorite activities that can you do there was “pumpkin bowling”. I was a little confused when I saw the sign. Pumpkin bowling? Do you roll the pumpkin from the stem? How could that work? But no worries, the game creators were smarter than me. No you do not roll the pumpkins from the stem. The mini pumpkins used in the game are stemless and actually work really well to knock down bowling pins.  Its a fun twist to a classic game of bowling.

Another favorite was the “giant tube roll”; seriously the best. The name says it all. You step inside this giant tube and you roll it down the track while being inside! If you have ever been curious as to what it feels like to be a hamster inside a hamster wheel, try it and you’ll will understand haha. I laughed the entire time.

Those are just two on the list of the many fun things you can do at Vertuccio Farms.

Well fellow Arizonans, happy fall! I hope you’ve been enjoying all the pumpkin spice flavored goodies and candy corn as much as I have. And I hope you get the chance to check out Vertuccio Farms! You’ll love it!

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