The Hot Chocolate Crawl

Parker and I realized that this our last month of “chilly” weather! And with that, we planned a night full of hot chocolate… lots and lots of hot chocolate.

So the first time I had heard of a crawl was on New Girl haha. Nick got all of his friends and a bunch of strangers to join him on a bar crawl. I learned from that episode that a crawl is basically going around to visit many different places, but getting the same thing at every place you visit. Guys, just think about it, a hot chocolate crawl! The perfect opportunity to drink all the hot chocolate your stomach can handle AND discover places in AZ you didn’t even know were there.


Parker and I visited 5 different locations and tried 5 different hot chocolates. We decided to rank each drink from a scale of 1 to 10.

McDonald’s – 1

Fluff It Marshmallows – 6

QT – 7

Kneaders – 8

Dutch Bros – 10 (Holy moly it was too good!)


I don’t think it is possible to find a hot chocolate better than the one they sell at Dutch Bros, BUT if you think you have found one, let us know!

During our Hot Chocolate Crawl, we got a little distracted at Fluff It Marshmallows. I had never heard of this cute restaurant before. They sell s’mores! We felt that we couldn’t just leave with a drink if they make samoa flavored s’mores. It was the most unique idea! I love when people sell things that are creative and out of the box. Go visit Fluff It Marshmallows, it’s amazing.


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