Stars & Takeout

I think the desert is taken for granted here in AZ. If you get past the jumping cactuses, it can be pretty amazing sometimes. Like when you’re chilling in the bed of a truck on a Friday night, watching the stars.

Silly mountain is where I used to go hiking when I was in High School. It has short hiking trails all along the mountain and it’s very easy to find. Parker and I have hiked there together quite a few times. Last night we decided to head over there, not to hike, but to actually hang out in the parking area.

The necessities for hanging out in the Silly Mountain parking lot are:

  1. A truck
  2. Takeout
  3. Blankets
  4. Board/card games
  5. A flashlight
In N Out fans
Lost Cities: Arguably one of the best 2 player games out there.

I loved this Friday night date! It was a great way to just relax after a day of work and still have an adventure. Also, shout out to Parker for parking an enormous truck at the In N Out on Signal Butte on a FRIDAY night… major props.

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