The Scottsdale Art Walk


Looking for a date idea that won’t break the bank? We discovered the best idea for a date that costs.. nothing! Parker and I found out about the Scottsdale Art Walk and decided to check it out with some friends.

The Scottsdale Art Walk is held every Thursday night from 7:00 pm to  9:00 pm. It has actually been around for quite sometime. They are celebrating their 40th Anniversary this year; which means they’re pretty legit. You can walk along Main Street and visit all of the different shops that are full of paintings, statues and other artsy things. They also offer free carriage and trolley rides! It was really neat!


Enter a caption


Since the art walk was free, we decided to splurge on our ice cream. Have you heard of Fatty Daddy’s? It’s located in Scottsdale and very close to the art walk! If you ever visit, try their signature creation. That’s what we ended up getting and it was delicious. It was made with a scoop of ice cream on the bottom, a macaroon in the middle and a toasted marshmallow on top!


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