Birthday Surprise!

Parker started his new job with Elite IT Partners on August 1st! He drove up to Utah with Pearce. Which definitely made that 10 hour drive a lot more bareable. He’s been going through lots of  training. From what he’s told me, he’s been enjoying it so far and the people he works with are very nice.

As for me, I’m still in AZ! I’ve been watching lots of Grey’s Anatomy this week haha. But I realized how many great people I have in my life. It was really hard to say good bye to Parker for 2 weeks! Like, that’s half a month! My friends, Ashlyn and Mckay texted me to make sure I was doing okay and invited me over for dinner. I also had other friends who hung out with me. My grandma called me often. Aubrey and I went out for dessert and helped me realize my headlights were out haha! Family invited me over for dinner. People have even come over to help me pack! I have felt so loved. To everyone who reached out to me, you were a huge blessing to me this week! THANK YOU!

Here’s fun part…

So Parker’s mom, Lisa, called me and said she wanted to fly me up to Utah for Parker’s birthday present. She proposed the cutest idea, that I surprise Parker! So I kept a secret for a week and a half. How I didn’t spill the beans, I have no idea haha! I think it helped that Parker couldn’t see my huge smile every time we would talk over the phone about his birthday. That definitely would have given it away! So I talked to one of Parker’s Utah friends and asked for his help with the surprise. Parker thought he was going to meet his friend at Red Robin for a birthday dinner, but really he was meeting me for dinner. So I took a Lyft over to a Red Robin in Provo. I was waiting with my phone on video and my eyes attached to the doors. When Parker came in I called out to him twice and he looked over totally shocked! He had NO idea I was going to be there! It was perfect. I had never seen him so surprised. Unfortunately I can’t upload videos on here but if you want to see it, text me and I’ll send it to you. That video was just too great haha.


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