Week 1… 2&3

I really thought I was going to be better at this blogging thing haha. I was in the mind set that I was going to write about everyday and what happened each day. But because of homework overload, I think this is going to turn into random highlights! So here it goes..

We met with our Bishop today. And I loved that he made us feel that we are needed in this ward. Parker and I both left feeling so grateful to be here. And excited for some new callings coming our way!

Since Parker and I moved here we decided to change some things and make new goals. I read somewhere that habits are most flexible during times of transition or change. We started praying together every morning. It’s seems like such a little thing but we have noticed the difference it’s made. It’s not that Parker and I weren’t super in love before, we were šŸ™‚ buuuuut there’s something special in hearing your husband or wife pray for you. I just feel like there’s an even deeper love that we have for each other growing.

Parker discovered this arcade place called Nickel City. And apparently every game runs on nickels. I totally thought it was going to be this place for little kids but there were tons of other couples on dates there, it was kind of funny. We had so much fun. We’ll be going back so I can have a Ski Ball rematch with Parker. He literally beat me at every single game! Even the games that are just pure luck! I’m like Parker how does that even happen?! haha

park day.jpg

OH YEAH, and we found this hole in the wall Thai Place that apparently isn’t so hole in the wall any more haha. They are relocating to a bigger space. If any of you come up to visit, we are taking you there! It is THE best. Parker and I are dying for them to reopen at their new location. We are having Thai Evergreen withdrawals.

Parker got a new job! He’s super stoked about it. He’ll be keeping his sales job with Elite so this will be a part time thing. He’ll be a financial adviser. Basically he will be helping people save money. He’s very passionate about it which makes me happy for him. So if you want to know more about it, Parker would love to talk to you! He’s looking for some people who are interested.

parker's interview.jpg

School’s been hard, I’m in 5 classes this semester. But I am learning a lot which is awesome. I feel so much smarter about History already, and I’m sure after reading a 500 page book about it, I’ll be even smarter haha. Reading is hard for me because of my anxiety. It makes it difficult to concentrate on a task for long periods of time. I find my mind wandering while I read and then I’m like crap, what did I just read about? And then I have to read the whole thing over again. So if you have any tips that would help me concentrate better let me know. I am definitely open to any advice! This is really hard for me but I’m proud of myself for doing this. I know it will be worth it.

Parker’s Part (hahaha)

“I’ve never blogged before but pretty much Sadie explained our week so well, I can’t even think of anything else! She’s awesome aint she!? She also didn’t mention how fast her flower business is growing up here. She is doing great!”






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