Birthday Surprise!

Parker started his new job with Elite IT Partners on August 1st! He drove up to Utah with Pearce. Which definitely made that 10 hour drive a lot more bareable. He’s been going through lots of  training. From what he’s told me, he’s been enjoying it so far and the people he works with are … More Birthday Surprise!

So why Utah?

I can’t tell you how any people have asked us that question haha. And if you’re wondering yourself, I’m going to fill you in. I know it seems totally random, but for us it’s not. I mean yes, it’s short notice. We didn’t know we were going to move until this month, but we’ve been … More So why Utah?

Stars & Takeout

I think the desert is taken for granted here in AZ. If you get past the jumping cactuses, it can be pretty amazing sometimes. Like when you’re chilling in the bed of a truck on a Friday night, watching the stars. Silly mountain is where I used to go hiking when I was in High … More Stars & Takeout

The Wave Cave

The Wave Cave: Surfing AZ style! It’s the closest thing you’re going to find to “catching a wave” in the desert. My sister had hiked the Wave Cave months earlier. The moment she showed me pictures, I had been dying to check it out myself! It is a 3 mile hike; 1.5 miles each way. … More The Wave Cave

Gilbert Farmers Market

GiSATURDAY: (noun) The seventh day of the week. A day that should be dedicated to sleeping in, breakfast burritos and……. the Gilbert Farmers Market!  I have been following the Gilbert Marketplace on Instagram for quite some time. It’s open from 8 am- 12pm. Every Saturday after 12 pm I would remember about it and think, … More Gilbert Farmers Market