So why Utah?

I can’t tell you how any people have asked us that question haha. And if you’re wondering yourself, I’m going to fill you in.

I know it seems totally random, but for us it’s not. I mean yes, it’s short notice. We didn’t know we were going to move until this month, but we’ve been feeling like it was time for a change. We just didn’t know what needed changing. You know when something just feels off? It was like that. For awhile we couldn’t figure out what it was. After receiving blessings, going to the temple and praying about it, we decided that we needed to move

I was so worried at first. There was a lot we needed to figure out and there are still things we need to figure out for this move. Leaving family and friends is a hard thing. But I have seen so many miracles this month that I’m not worried anymore. I have no doubt that we are suppose to be in Utah. Some of you probably think we’re crazy because we don’t have a place to live yet. Parker is staying with a friend for two weeks. And you know what, that’s okay. Go ahead and think we’re crazy, but I think we’re brave and full of faith.

So to answer the question, why Utah? I can’t really give you an answer just yet. I’m not sure why we’re suppose to be there. All I know is that we are excited for what’s to come! This is going to be good for us. A change in scenery, a new job, new school, new neighbors and friends. We’ll miss all of you so so much but this is what we’re suppose to do. So, be excited too! And keep in touch!



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